Taking product videos into Orbit

Man in floatation tank

The brief: Orbit Float approached Energise Media to create a film to showcase their stunning new floatation tank to a knowledgeable audience at the largest float conference in the world. Deadlines gave just a few weeks to turn round a concept, a story, a full script and to coordinate the shoot and edit the footage. The solution: With a good degree of flexibility over the creative – it was imperative to get across key benefits and features over rival floatation…

How to choose the right video production company

How to choose a video production company

Finding the right video production company for your project can be a slightly daunting prospect. But by following this simple step-by-step guide, you can be sure that you find the best video production company for your project, irrespective of your budget. Getting started – search out a few local production companies. If you’ve not had a referral or recommendation from a colleague or client, you’re probably going to embark on a search via a search engine to locate a few…

Can a corporate video go viral?

Viral Video

In answering the question, we need to establish precisely what a viral video is, or at least agree a metric for measuring the viral rating. In past years the prospect of a video (corporate or otherwise) getting a million views was considered ‘viral’; however, the landscape has changed somewhat since then to a point where respected bloggers and so called experts now claim that to go viral it requires “more than five million views in a 3-7 day period”. The…

Should video be part of your marketing strategy?

web video benefits

We all know that video is big business. From cute cats and sneezing baby pandas to lonely men on the moon being sent department store gifts – video is big business.

But what compelling reasons are there to suggest video should form a strong part of your marketing plan?

How to convert more web traffic

FGA Capital web video

It’s fair to say web browsers can be a pretty impatient bunch. Hungry for instant content – people want information. Fast. Not only that, but they want relevant and engaging content, or they’ll go elsewhere.

So it needs to be relevant, but how can you reduce the number of people entering your website and leaving immediately (your bounce rate) or very shortly thereafter?