Dare to be different


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Have you ever seen a film that seemed so memorable you can recall almost every frame, a film that stirred the senses or deserved applaud for the bold approach taken and the uniqueness of the style?  That’s not uncommon, perhaps.  But what could be considered uncommon is if that film was used to promote a corporate environment.

We love to showcase new styles and bold approaches here at Energise Media.  We love video production that pushes boundaries, that tries new styles and techniques and ultimately dares to be different, especially in a corporate landscape.

Every film should tell a story, so that’s not a rarity.  What is rare in videography is when that story is delivered beautifully through a new and innovative style, whilst serving to seamlessly promote anything from music to computer software, holiday destinations and so much more besides.

Knock knock.  Tell a different story…

Here in the music video by Brunettes shoot blondes entitled ‘knock knock’ we see a romantic love story delivered with so much thought and coordination that it really becomes a work of art.

Dubai.  Seen it all before?

This beautifully crafted video depicts Dubai with a series of stunning timelapses and intelligent and seamless shot choices that interlink to give a snapshot of humans and Dubai interacting in fascinating style.

Shrink my scenes

We’re big fans of tilt shift and other editing tricks that result in stunning effects applied to otherwise standard (but beautiful) scenes, as this gives the shots and footage an almost magical appearance which can soften even the grittiest shots.

Have you seen stunning and unique video that caught your eye?  Share it with us on Twitter or email info@energisemedia.com.






Burgundy Is Back


Anchorman has built up something of a cult following since the original film arrived with us in 2004.

Fans of the original film formed a chorus of voices questioning why there was no sequel lined up. However as time passed and pressure grew, it became clear that Ron Burgundy would indeed be making a very welcome return to our screens.

The latest instalment of Anchorman will be with us on 20 December 2013 in the UK and you can see a trailer below showcasing some of the comical content:

However to the delight of some Ron Burgundy fans and the horror of others, Dodge have stolen a march and used the great Ron Burgundy to promote their vehicles. The films are highly humorous and seem to have all the viral ingredients.

Anchorman - Energise Media

Watch some of the films below and decide for yourself whether its a cheap marketing gimmick or a genius concept celebrating a modern day icon:

The Best Feeling In The World?


Lets go on a journey…

…think back to when you were at school.


Remember when you headed off to your next lesson – knowing it was a double history class, which meant textbooks and plenty of writing.

Remember that sinking feeling you felt.  That longing to be anywhere but heading into the classroom.

Energise Media Video Production

Now remember the feeling when you come through the door into your classroom to see the television and video player in place ready to show the class a film.


That smile that came over your face when you realised you didn’t have to spend the lesson reading and studying lines and lines of repetitive text.

Energise Media Video Production

Welcome to the power, the magic and the engagement of video!

Video is such a powerful tool for engaging, for inspiring and taking people away from the monotony of every day life – it educates, inspires, engages and best of all – it makes the experience fun.

Energise Media Video Production

Now apply this theory to standard company marketing communications.

The growth of online video is huge – but its certainly not by coincidence.   People relate to film and video – they comment, share and engage with brands and in turn are rewarded with an enhanced experience.

So next time you think about creating a brochure – stop and think what excited you as a child and what you’d rather see – text or video!

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Flexible Payment Options


Energise Media Video Production

We’re always trying to look at ways to be more flexible with our clients, both in the UK and overseas in order to better meet diverse requirements.

We are therefore pleased to announce that we now offer clients the opportunity to pay for services with methods that best suit their needs, wherever they are in the world and whatever their payment method.  This seamless payment facility delivered via PayPal will help streamline operations with international organisations with complex pan-world sign-off processes.

The payment types we accept include Visa, MasterCard, Delta / Electron, Eurocard, Maestro, American Express as well as debit cards.

Card payments can be particularly useful when filming jobs are organised at the last minute and therefore deposits need to be taken at very short notice.

To find out more about our pricing or our ways of working and how we are continually striving to serve our customers in the best possible ways for their complete peace of mind, contact Energise Media today.

Energise Media Video Production

Energise Media Video Production

Energise Media Video Production

Energise Media Video Production

Make the Impossible Possible


We take a quick look at the stunning and unique filming and editing styles being used across videos.  Some of the effects are literally breathtaking and push the boundaries of what can be achieved with film.


Ballpoint Barber


Ever had that hair cut which you thought looked great in the hairdresser’s shop, only to realise it’s a big mistake when you get back home?  Well, you probably wish you could draw on another style as easily as this remarkable footage.  Clever stuff.




Extremely intelligent footage that uses a series of projection mapping techniques to map images onto different surfaces.  The possibilities for this are mind-blowing!




How about a stunning visual effect that makes the viewer think they are endlessly zooming into a static image?  Sound impossible?  Nokia didn’t think so and created this stunning footage to showcase the Nokia Lumia 1020!




Take lycopodium powder, 50hz, a Canon 5D coupled with a 100mm macro lens  – then stand back and admire the truly amazing effect.  The level of detail created from the particles is truly stunning.


Plain Sight


This footage uses a clever distorting effect to bring the footage together through what seems to be layers of footage.  This gives the footage a “stitched together” appearance, as if t he pieces have all been stitched on.




Have you ever had the sinking feeling that you’re getting visibly older by the day?  Well, cheer up, it could be worse – in this short film, the ageing process is significantly faster, speeded up with some clever special effects to show the person ageing, yet the changes are subtle enough to be a continual evolving process.













The Weird & Wonderful


We’re always keen to showcase the weird and wonderful videos on YouTube and highlight new techniques, styles, implausible stories, terrible acting, superb scripting, genius ideas – as well as generally shouting about the down right spectacular and bizarre.

Eagle Go Pro

So lets start with the wonderful and the ever so cute video from Beneful, featuring a number of dogs and cute puppies in an extremely carefully choreographed sequence that must have taken a long time to perfect.  Is this proof that dogs sell any product?  We’d buy the product and we don’t even own a dog!

Sure, we know the last part was computer generated, but the rest is genuine and must have taken a huge amount of time to perfect.


Everyone likes comedy in their videos, so how about this take on “mighty mouse?”  It seems every story has a twist and this film produced by Nolan’s Cheddar is no different.  Respect to the mouse!


We now ask ourselves what happens if you strap a GoPro High Definition camera to an Eagle.  But why do that you may ask?  Well, because that’s precisely what these chaps have done to create some stunning footage of an eagle soaring majestically over tree-tops and close over the heads of unsuspecting onlookers.  The results are incredible and well worth a look.

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