Anchorman has built up something of a cult following since the original film arrived with us in 2004.

Fans of the original film formed a chorus of voices questioning why there was no sequel lined up. However as time passed and pressure grew, it became clear that Ron Burgundy would indeed be making a very welcome return to our screens.

The latest instalment of Anchorman will be with us on 20 December 2013 in the UK and you can see a trailer below showcasing some of the comical content:

However to the delight of some Ron Burgundy fans and the horror of others, Dodge have stolen a march and used the great Ron Burgundy to promote their vehicles. The films are highly humorous and seem to have all the viral ingredients.

Anchorman - Energise Media

Watch some of the films below and decide for yourself whether its a cheap marketing gimmick or a genius concept celebrating a modern day icon: