There’s perhaps a myth that “cheap“ or “value” video production means sacrificing quality. The raw cost of video production has tumbled over the years and these cost savings are now being passed on to clients to produce memorable films for less.

Even the most advanced special effects are now within the reach of businesses up and down the high street, whereas they were once reserved to the larger companies with significant budgets, they are now available for modest budgets and for small companies with big ambitions.

Couple to this the clear fall in overall production costs and major advances in camera, lighting and audio technology and the results are cinematic films within the grasps of even the smallest of budgets.

When selecting a video production company it is imperative to look at the depth and breadth of their clients they have worked with as well as their portfolio to gain an understanding of the calibre of their work and the number of satisfied clients they have on their books. Taking time to read client testimonials or even seeking permission to speak to their clients may help significantly in understanding how the company works and what you can expect.

Ensure the costs are all explained and that there are no hidden costs. As calculating a video production quote can be complex and involve many factors, there may be many options given to you. Ensure that all of these options are explained fully so you are confident you know what you will be getting. What seems like a bargain price may become more expensive when you start selecting the options list and factor in extras like DVD duplication.

Typically the SME market experiences a larger degree of price sensitivity versus the larger companies looking for full-scale productions. But the smaller businesses are rightly becoming more and more demanding, as they realise they can push the boundaries further and further with regard to end-results and likewise the larger companies are becoming far more price sensitive than ever before.

So in conclusion, yes, you can find “cheap” video production that equals “quality” video production – but make sure you choose carefully to ensure you create your perfect film within your ideal budget and without any hidden surprises.