Normally the outtake footage from videos would be deleted and sent into the cyber trash can, but can these sequences of footage actually provide you with a way of winning more business whilst still delivering your brand values?

Well perhaps the answer is yes.

Many times complex or dry subjects are filmed with an underlying acknowledgement that adding subtle and intelligent humour to content, (even as part of a separate entity), would make the subject altogether more appealing to the target audience.

But why would this be the case?

Well, people tend to like brands that are fun and humorous and those that aren’t afraid to use light-hearted or intelligent humour, where relevant and appropriate for its audience.  This laughter can increase engagement and positive feelings towards a brand and often the propensity to purchase goods or services.

For example when you consider producing dry and technical corporate videos, perhaps think about including some outtake footage as a separate video or incorporating intelligent humour into the footage to stand you apart.

Clearly humour has its place and isn’t applicable to every film, but even the financial sector has turned to humour for some of its latest television advertising, most notably Barclays, using Stephen Merchant voiceovers and a range of humorous television and cinema adverts.

Other businesses have found a niche through humour, including Compare the Market with its Meerkat advertising campaigns.

It’s refreshing to find businesses that are professional but that don’t take themselves too seriously.

So be bold, be different and don’t be afraid to try new ideas and concepts including humour to spice up your corporate videos.

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