corporate video production

Have you ever seen a film that seemed so memorable you can recall almost every frame, a film that stirred the senses or deserved applaud for the bold approach taken and the uniqueness of the style?  That’s not uncommon, perhaps.  But what could be considered uncommon is if that film was used to promote a corporate environment.

We love to showcase new styles and bold approaches here at Energise Media.  We love video production that pushes boundaries, that tries new styles and techniques and ultimately dares to be different, especially in a corporate landscape.

Every film should tell a story, so that’s not a rarity.  What is rare in videography is when that story is delivered beautifully through a new and innovative style, whilst serving to seamlessly promote anything from music to computer software, holiday destinations and so much more besides.

Knock knock.  Tell a different story…

Here in the music video by Brunettes shoot blondes entitled ‘knock knock’ we see a romantic love story delivered with so much thought and coordination that it really becomes a work of art.

Dubai.  Seen it all before?

This beautifully crafted video depicts Dubai with a series of stunning timelapses and intelligent and seamless shot choices that interlink to give a snapshot of humans and Dubai interacting in fascinating style.

Shrink my scenes

We’re big fans of tilt shift and other editing tricks that result in stunning effects applied to otherwise standard (but beautiful) scenes, as this gives the shots and footage an almost magical appearance which can soften even the grittiest shots.

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