Access Legal Case Study

Every so often we capture a story that is really emotive and moving irrespective of the sector the film sits within. A film that the viewer is emotionally engaged with and empathises with throughout.

One of our recent films represented precisely that. It was a film featuring someone that we can all relate to – a highly likeable individual who finds herself caught up in a situation of bullying and harassment that started to spiral out of control at her workplace.

Staggeringly at least a third of people have suffered bullying or harassment in the work place according to studies. * It’s a truly shocking statistic.

Whilst this story is unique to the individual, Karen, who recalls her own experiences, it’s sad to realise that it’s in no way unique as a wider problem out there.

Shot on location in Oxfordshire, the film looks at the impact of such an ordeal and the dramatic effects it can have on mental and physical wellbeing. But it also shows there is light at the end of the tunnel and how, through the help, support and assistance provided by legal firm, Access Legal, a person can start to really get their life back on track again and to enjoy all the things they did before. To regain their confidence and to become the person they once were.

It’s hard to get across the power and the emotion stirring in a case such as this with text or imagery, so it’s easy to see why a video could make it is easier for potential victims to resonate with the content and hopefully one day step forward themselves.

Moreover this film will hopefully serve to inspire other people, in a similar position – trapped and not knowing where to turn, to show the same bravery as Karen to come forward and fight back for justice.

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