Access Legal James Robshaw

James Robshaw and mum, Suzanne, finally saw closure on their emotive case after it was decided last week that James will receive a payout of £14.5 million due to the mistakes made at Lincolnshire County Hospital during James’ birth.

The payout was acceptance of liability for James’ injuries in 2009 after it was found that 13 year old James was starved of oxygen at birth, leading to cerebral palsy.  The case is one of the largest ever payouts for medical negligence.

Energise Media filmed the interview with James and mum, Suzanne back in February 2015 and put together a film to highlight the case for legal firm Access Legal.

Now in December 2015, ITV picked up the story and provided an update with the final decision in the case and award of damages.

Adam Fowler of ITV News provides the latest update, read the full story and watch Energise Media’s footage on ITV’s website here.