The ‘Short Film’ just became even shorter

If you have a short attention span, alas we may have lost you already – but if not, read on to find out more about the latest video craze.

Companies and individuals alike are constantly on the look out for innovative ways of differentiating themselves from the crowd on YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

We want it.  Now.

We are also in a day and age where people are more and more impatient for information and where attention spans can be limited, so what better way to grab attention quickly and concisely than within a five second film?

That wasn’t a typo, these are films purposefully designed to last just five seconds.

Now, perhaps you can’t deliver your entire marketing strategy within the confines of a five second film; however these films do provide an interesting and innovative way of grabbing attention in a short space of time.

Applaud the Brave

To this end, perhaps individuals and participating companies should be applauded for trying new methods in order to tap into the minds of their customers.

Why not try making your own five second film?

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