Genustech Mini Jib folded


If you’ve ever gone to a video shoot in a city via public transport, then you’ll know the imperative nature of packing light. Often packing your kit for corporate video client’s entails sacrificing some equipment to save weight versus lugging round a huge amount of heavy items and inevitably dropping or dragging items over impatient commuters on the way.

This is precisely why we’re always keen to test lightweight equipment that comes in an intelligent light package, yet doesn’t sacrifice the quality you might expect with a far heavier and more expensive product.

The Genustech Mini-Jib at a reasonable £295 ex VAT seems to tick most boxes.

For a start, at a time when so many manufacturers deem cases as optional, it’s refreshing to see one included. The case whilst basic is incredibly small, which makes you think something must be missing at first.

Genustech Mini Jib Bag

Once out of the bag, the jib is quick and very easy to setup, by simply adding the counter-weights.

On the subject of weight, it’s recommended to use dumbbells as counter-weights and these basic weights securely lock in place by the Lock Jaw Collar Clamps. This may be less ideal when you’re adding these to kit to drag to a shoot, but overall it’s about as lightweight as it could be and feels pretty robust.

It’s recommended to use a quick release plate so that the camera easily mounts into place – this certainly feels more stable versus the screws that come with the jib, which are incredibly hard to tighten, unless you have particularly small hands, and seem to work loose during operation, which could mean an expensive drop from height.

Genustech Mini Jib close up

The general fit and finish of the jib is good too and doesn’t give the feel of a product that will disintegrate over several intensive shoots, although time will tell. Joins seem well manufactured and it seems like it could take a knock or two without too many complaints.

We used a combination of tripods with the Genustech Mini-jib, making sure the rated payload of the tripod was greater than the entirety of what its carrying, and all of them made light work of handling the jib, even with the Canon 24-105 lens attached. A monitor can be mounted on-board, but in this case it was attached to the tripod enabling easy viewing of the shots for both operator and clients.

Tests were carried out using a Sony FS-5 and Canon L Series lenses and the jib consistently provided a smooth action across the adjustable range offered. Shots were smooth from the lowest end of the range to the full height extension even whilst panning, which gave great confidence on shoots and some great shots for the price.

The Genustech Mini-Jib proved to be a handy piece of kit on a recent video shoot for, ironically, a crane company where we wanted to track the movement of the vehicle mounted cranes and use a range of props to add depth to shots. Panning was smooth and the shots we captured have encouraged this to be a more regular piece of equipment even on more standard corporate shoots.

Genustech Mini Jib during film shoot

In summary if you’re looking for a jib but either don’t want to spend big or want something compact without compromising quality, then this jib won’t disappoint.

Technical Specifications
Weight: 1.58kg
Supported weight: 4.25kg
Collapsible size: 33 inches
Extended size: 72 inches