If You Want More Online Sales…

…then read on.

We’ll show you how green screen does the hard work for you…

Green screen, often known as Chroma Key is your chance to tell your customers exactly what you do and why they should choose your company when they visit your website.

Presenter films are proven to increase

online conversion rates and have many other benefits including:

  • adding a face & personality to your brand
  • capturing viewers attention
  • increasing website sales conversions
  • reducing website bounce rates
  • increasing visitor engagement and interaction with your company
  • multi-purpose – use the video across multiple marketing channel – providing a cost effective solution with significant ROI

With green screen, businesses can in essence make up any location that they’re shooting in front of.  From the beaches of Brazil to a bustling city in India, you can give the appearance of being literally anywhere.

This is often useful when you want to give a global impression or even just add an element of humour to a dry subject.  It also adds more energy to a film rather than

shooting in front of a plain background.  However this will likely be dictated by the subject matter.

But the real power of presenter videos lies in their ability to significantly increase conversion rates.  For product tours, studies found that visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy versus those who did not.*    What was also apparent was that visitors were spending more time on the respective websites.

But an interesting stat also shows that by using online videos, as well as increasing sales, companies can also reduce the number of problem calls they take.  As the videos are often able to demonstrate answers to FAQs and other problematic subjects, meaning a phone call is no longer necessary, and thus reducing service call volumes.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but according to Forrester Research, a video can be worth a staggering 1.8 million words!

Don’t be lost for words.

Video.  No business should be without it.

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* Source: Internet Retailer 2010