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Just because clothing looks good to the naked eye doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good on screen.

This is primarily due to limitations of camera sensors versus the naked eye. Follow the key principles below and you’ll look great on screen!


Stick to solid colours rather than checks or stripes and avoid small busy patterns including shiny fabrics

Avoid white, black or red – the camera may have difficulty with these colours


Take a change of clothes with you to the shoot to allow you to change if you clash with a colleague or background – but preferably ask the Director of the shoot before hand if in doubt

Take a bag to leave your possessions in so they don’t create a bulge in your pocket and remember to turn off your mobile phone or activate flight mode

Keep double-breasted jackets buttoned – single-breasted jackets can be left open, but not too wide

Consider practicing in the clothing you’ll be wearing on the day of filming to ensure any new clothing is broken in appropriately

Avoid wearing loud coloured ties, braces, scarves or cravats


Avoid large or dangly jewellery that will create noise when you move and may reflect the lights

If you wear contact lenses, these may be preferable to glasses, unless you avoid glasses with shiny frames, which are less likely to reflect the lighting


If no professional make-up is available on your shoot, consider applying some basic powder just to prevent shine

Ladies – if you do use lipstick, avoid vivid red lipstick or gloss – instead stick to the soft tones

Watch the Professionals

If you have any doubts, simply tune in to a news channel to see what the professionals wear

Or contact us at Energise Media – we’re always happy to advise!