…with a few simple steps

With over 48 hours of new video footage being uploaded every minute, YouTube is an extremely competitive marketplace for businesses looking to get their share of voice.

However with such a high number of videos appearing, you can’t rely on people simply stumbling upon your films – its therefore imperative that you use intelligent marketing methods to generate traffic.

As a starting point there are a few effective methods to get you started:

Blog about your YouTube files – you’ve got a blog, right?  Then why not do some promoting?

Like it in Facebook – liking your film will mean your film will be shown in your profile – add a comment asking followers to like it too and spread the word

Do you have a subscriber or database list?  Yes.  Well, include the video in your newsletter and give people a reason to watch it at the same time, perhaps recommending the content to them.  Making it relevant to your target audience will drive more views and referrals.

Tweet your video files.  If you have a reasonably large following this will drive views.  Make it interactive by staging competitions and quizzes around the content or themes

Bookmark your videos – Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon are great ways of getting extra viewings – if other users like your video file, they in turn will like it and spread it further and wider.

Use squidoo or a hub page to create articles and embed videos in their lenses.

Use SEO techniques YouTube has a high page rank – be sure to opimise your video files on the top search engines for your known target keywords to drive home this benefit.  This includes the following and much more:






*Adding YouTube ‘friends’ to your Channel

*Adding mutual subscribers by subscribing to other videos

YouTube is great, but there are other platforms, so be sure to submit your video to other outlets including:

On top of the above methods, consider advertising your videos on websites which have large audiences of qualified demographics featuring your target audience.

Don’t forget that much of the traffic arriving at YouTube is now via mobile and tablet devices rather than traditional desktop devices.  Be sure to consider this when you are devising an advertising strategy.

In summary, producing the video is just  the first step.  You must put the effort in to ensure you’re reaping the full rewards and if you do, the results will be equally impressive and provide a great return on your investment.

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