Passionate Promotional Videos

We’ve got fantastic experience producing promotional films for clients across the UK. This experience is coupled with passion and real-life examples where we have turned client ideas into hard-hitting promo videos that deliver on client’s objectives and truly get them noticed.

In terms of promoting your business you could produce a glossy brochure, but a brochure won’t inspire audiences, it won’t truly capture the passion, the personality and unique selling points that your business provides in a way that a stunning promotional film will. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a film with moving picture and fantastic audio and music is worth several million.

Hard-hitting Promotional Films to Benefit any Business

Irrespective of whether your company sells – from the most beautiful, intricate products or valuable services, a promotional video is the most hard-hitting way to engage customers and prospects and deliver more enquiries and sales. A promo video when created with intelligence by an experienced corporate video team will inspire people – it will drive them to a desired action and to educate them in a short space of time. It’s this space within your promotional film that leaves your audience in no doubt they should work with you rather than a competitor.

Think of the power of a business with a fantastic offering and perhaps emotive and unique history – all backed by happy customers from reputable businesses all saying how wonderful you are in their own words and why they do business with you time and time again. From the power of their words to the power of your awards and accreditations – this is all undoubtedly going to be hugely influential for clients deciding on which company to invest their money into. So make sure it’s your business that gets the investment – and make sure you choose Energise Media to create the video that delivers on this.

How to Make a Promotional Video

Making a promotional film starts with selecting the right video company to work with. We recommend talking to several video agencies to find the perfect fit for you. Choosing a video company that displays the passion, knowledge and a track record that you deserve is imperative. The company you choose to work with needs to understand your business and to know how to best promote you – and this is where we have a track record in delivering.

We work with clients across the UK and beyond creating indelible visual solutions to inspire their audiences. Our expertise and passion translates your business into a stunning promotional film to dazzle any audience.

We will work with your business to help create a stunning video by getting under the skin of your company and working with you to bring the best features to life. We have experience of putting forward highly creative solutions that you may not have either thought of, or thought possible. We will go the extra mile to deliver content your entire organisation will be proud of and moreover that your audience will act upon.

Couple this with a beautiful and intelligently crafted story, stunning, emotive and thought-provoking music and you capture the brilliance and sheer power of film.

Promotional Videos that Deliver

Videos allow you to track your return on investment and can be used as part of a multi-channel marketing campaign. They have so many possibilities and link perfectly as part of wide-reaching social media campaigns.Promotional video for Rock box motor home

London Promotional Films Without London Prices

If you’ve ever been frustrated by how expensive it can be to have professionally produced video content in London, then you should talk to us to understand how we work and the benefits we can bring to your video production without paying over-inflated London corporate video prices.

We use a proven formula of providing clients with engaging and cinematic videos created from a wealth of passion and experience by our friendly team. We do this from our base in St Albans, Hertfordshire, just 20 minutes by train from central London. This location enables us to have our finger on the pulse of the city without attracting similarly high prices, meaning our client budgets are better spent and go much further despite delivering like-for-like quality.

Promotional Video Float tank orbit

Promo Videos. Infinite Benefits. Infinite Possibilities.

If you’d like to cause a stir in your market place and make your audience sit up and take notice then Talk to the promo video specialists and see how we can produce awe-inspiring promotional videos to stun your clients and win you incremental business.