High-quality Video Editing For Your Business

At Energise Media we edit a great deal of video footage that we have filmed ourselves for our clients at locations across the UK. However we are also often asked to edit existing footage supplied to us by clients. This might be for a variety of reasons, but this flexibility allows us to assist our clients at various stages of past or present projects.

This video editing service is particularly useful when clients may have footage archived that they’d like brought to life – or footage that has been held back to edit at a later stage for another purpose.

What this video editing service offers our customers is a highly cost-effective solution to re-purpose footage internally or externally.

This type of video editing included adding special effects, translations, animations and more – we will literally take any footage and add a real energy to the final film, irrespective of whether we’ve filmed the original footage or not.

Challenge us to edit any of your footage and see how we can energise your video productions.

Talk to us for a quick no obligation quote today and see how we can breath life into any of your video projects, whether its existing footage shot by a staff member or third party or a full corporate video requirement.

Our secure storage solutions provide clients with a seamless way to access their project files at any time during or after the edit stage. In conjunction with this we use a collaborative editing tool that allows our clients a quick and easy way to feedback on live footage in order to maximise the speed of project turnaround.

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Be sure to have a look at our wide range of video services we offer including corporate videos and promotional video solutions.