Man in floatation tank

The brief:

Orbit Float approached Energise Media to create a film to showcase their stunning new floatation tank to a knowledgeable audience at the largest float conference in the world.

Deadlines gave just a few weeks to turn round a concept, a story, a full script and to coordinate the shoot and edit the footage.

The solution:

With a good degree of flexibility over the creative – it was imperative to get across key benefits and features over rival floatation tanks whilst ensuring every float tank operator – from float centre managers to sports stars purchasing tanks for their homes through agents, got to see the real Orbit.

Shot on location in Hertfordshire, with a model acting out the role of float tank user, a strong opener was required – a teaser that offered glimpses of the product without revealing it all.

man floating in flotation tank orbit

Stunning and futuristic lighting and movement denoting the Orbit theme catches the eye from the beginning, but just a few glimpses and nothing more, so as to keep the viewer drawn in throughout to its futuristic and stylish design.

With a highly technical and knowledgeable audience watching the footage in America at the float conference – the main section needed to get across the countless customer and operator benefits that had been thought up during a two-year research and design period – but kept highly engaging and succinct so it didn’t lose pace or feel like listening to a list.

Flotation tank

Tracked text provided innovative and futuristic style coupled with graceful camera movement.  To compliment the picture a compelling royalty free music track and a highly engaging and uplifting professional voice over with soft yet warm and friendly tone was added to deliver the script and keep viewers intrigued throughout.

The close was a play on words using not only Orbit’s name to good effect but with a logo and wording that rippled softly like a wave providing power to the call-to-action.

As always the client feedback was what mattered to all involved in the project:

“The event was an absolute roaring success – a lot of it down to the video. Everyone loved it.  Many thanks for the effort you put in – greatly appreciated.”

MD, Orbit Float Ltd