We’re always keen to showcase the weird and wonderful videos on YouTube and highlight new techniques, styles, implausible stories, terrible acting, superb scripting, genius ideas – as well as generally shouting about the down right spectacular and bizarre.

Eagle Go Pro

So lets start with the wonderful and the ever so cute video from Beneful, featuring a number of dogs and cute puppies in an extremely carefully choreographed sequence that must have taken a long time to perfect.  Is this proof that dogs sell any product?  We’d buy the product and we don’t even own a dog!

Sure, we know the last part was computer generated, but the rest is genuine and must have taken a huge amount of time to perfect.

Everyone likes comedy in their videos, so how about this take on “mighty mouse?”  It seems every story has a twist and this film produced by Nolan’s Cheddar is no different.  Respect to the mouse!

We now ask ourselves what happens if you strap a GoPro High Definition camera to an Eagle.  But why do that you may ask?  Well, because that’s precisely what these chaps have done to create some stunning footage of an eagle soaring majestically over tree-tops and close over the heads of unsuspecting onlookers.  The results are incredible and well worth a look.

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