…with Tilt Shift

Film makers are always looking for ways to differentiate their projects and stand them apart in the video production and amateur film making marketplace. To this end, tilt-shift provides an interesting perspective on your footage.

Originally used by photographers with purpose built tilt-shift lenses, tilt-shift has gained in popularity by video production and post-production companies and budding filmmakers alike.

What Does it Do?

Tilt Shift effectively turns normal sized objects and scenes into seemingly miniature scenes, similar to a scaled down model by tricking the eye.

tilt shift video production

How Does it Work?

The physics of light and the human eye result in certain patterns in our everyday visual perception, meaning most of a typical landscape view appears in focus (large depth of field) – whereas when you focus on an object nearby you find that the background is blurry (shallow depth of field). The brain then uses this as a visual clue to calculate an objects distance.

In this way, tilt shift makes large objects such as trees, vehicles and even people appear miniature. Tilt shift does this by using a very shallow depth of field, i.e. a narrow area that is actually in focus. This helps to make the object we focus on appear miniature.

See it on TV

This effect is used on television – especially by the BBC and makes an ordinary, perhaps uninteresting shot interesting, simply by changing the perspective to make us question the shot and how it was captured.

If you’re a budding filmmaker, but not familiar with this technique, check out the many tutorials out there. The number of tutorials is many – from the good to the bad – but irrespective – pursue this and you’ll learn a great new technique that can be applied not just in your personal work, but also within your corporate filming.

Take it to the Corporate Stage

There is no reason why corporate companies cannot benefit from using this technique within their filming – to show a perspective that will stand them apart in a crowded market place.

Talk to Energise Media

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