Lets go on a journey…

…think back to when you were at school.

Remember when you headed off to your next lesson – knowing it was a double history class, which meant textbooks and plenty of writing.

Remember that sinking feeling you felt.  That longing to be anywhere but heading into the classroom.

Energise Media Video Production

Now remember the feeling when you come through the door into your classroom to see the television and video player in place ready to show the class a film.


That smile that came over your face when you realised you didn’t have to spend the lesson reading and studying lines and lines of repetitive text.

Energise Media Video Production

Welcome to the power, the magic and the engagement of video!

Video is such a powerful tool for engaging, for inspiring and taking people away from the monotony of every day life – it educates, inspires, engages and best of all – it makes the experience fun.

Energise Media Video Production

Now apply this theory to standard company marketing communications.

The growth of online video is huge – but its certainly not by coincidence.   People relate to film and video – they comment, share and engage with brands and in turn are rewarded with an enhanced experience.

So next time you think about creating a brochure – stop and think what excited you as a child and what you’d rather see – text or video!

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