Energise your Landing Pages

In a digital world, words may simply not be enough, so the addition of video to your marketing pages, a landing page or a specific video landing page is like putting your best possible display in the department store window to entice visitors.
With an average of 8 seconds to grab visitors with your window dressing, video is the perfect way to:
– personalise your connection with visitors (reaching out)
– adding a face, identity or brand to what you project
– creating a human interaction with visitors (interactivity is the ultimate encouragement that cultivates repeat clicks)

Whether you use an embedded media player (instantly recognisable to most visitors) dabble with autoplay or static and animated triggers, you want to keep visitors and prospects on your site as long as possible – video significantly increases their stay on marketing pages, a landing page or a video landing page.

Benefits of Adding a Video to your Landing Pages

Placing video on your landing pages, video landing pages or marketing pages has its advantages:

– more interested visitors (who stay longer)
– higher engaged visitors (remember – a younger generation, video-ready like Smartphone device users, those who enjoy sensory/emotional stimulation – and isn’t that all of us?)
– With more prevalent cross-pollination between Google and You Tube these days, it’s important to focus on better converting of traffic on your website (think – placement of video and focus on benefits rather than features of your produce or services)

On a landing page, video landing page or marketing pages you should optimize keywords/phrases (even within the video), brand it with your logo and link to your site (if using a hosting site like YouTube), add powerful copy and a catchy title, keep it appropriately short (3 minutes tends to be enough time to say what you need to say but short enough to keep people from daydreaming) and fill it full of great content.

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