We take a quick look at the stunning and unique filming and editing styles being used across videos.  Some of the effects are literally breathtaking and push the boundaries of what can be achieved with film.

Ballpoint Barber

Ever had that hair cut which you thought looked great in the hairdresser’s shop, only to realise it’s a big mistake when you get back home?  Well, you probably wish you could draw on another style as easily as this remarkable footage.  Clever stuff.


How about a stunning visual effect that makes the viewer think they are endlessly zooming into a static image?  Sound impossible?  Nokia didn’t think so and created this stunning footage to showcase the Nokia Lumia 1020!


Take lycopodium powder, 50hz, a Canon 5D coupled with a 100mm macro lens  – then stand back and admire the truly amazing effect.  The level of detail created from the particles is truly stunning.

Plain Sight

This footage uses a clever distorting effect to bring the footage together through what seems to be layers of footage.  This gives the footage a “stitched together” appearance, as if t he pieces have all been stitched on.


Have you ever had the sinking feeling that you’re getting visibly older by the day?  Well, cheer up, it could be worse – in this short film, the ageing process is significantly faster, speeded up with some clever special effects to show the person ageing, yet the changes are subtle enough to be a continual evolving process.