mountain bike downhill race

Films we love and we think you will too.

WWF Hungary – Paper World

Paper World is pretty stunning. It showcases the WWF’s values cleverly depicted in a small paper based world. Man made problems interject into really clever and beautiful sequences all of paper based animals and environments. Clever.

Films of clichés

Seemingly everyone loves taking a good selfie – especially with a giant selfie-stick, but its not very original and nothing that we haven’t seen before, as this clever short film proves. From dogs, tattoos, celebrities pouting and working out, corporate cheese – it’s all here and perfectly encapsulated! Nice job.

The Wire

Some people are very committed to TV shows. In this case, it’s a commitment to the opening sequence of the American TV series The Wire that has led this talented animator to put together a really stunning and thought provoking opening sequence. Fair play to them!

Power is nothing without control

Whether it’s masterfully flying a drone across Venice Beach through narrow arch ways or speeding down the side of a mountain at a rate of knots, both make great viewing.

Venice Beach Flight

Down hill on a bike. Fast