…don’t worry – we’ll turn grey skies blue for you!

Picture the scene – you’ve chosen your date for filming and have people or products in place and the backdrop is magnificent, a truly fantastic setting and with it being a summer month everything is perfect – apart from one thing – the weather, which is overcast meaning the sky is a insipid grey and washed out colour.

Time to re-think the shoot?

Not necessarily.

At Energise Media we can literally turn grey skies into blue skies – so you really would never know that the day you completed your filming was overcast and that we hadn’t actually been filming on location in a hot and sunny climate.

In post production we turn the insipid into the inspiring and it doesn’t just stop with the sky – we can manipulate other factors such as changing wording, vehicle number-plates, eliminating movement in the background and so much more.

In the example above even the advertising boarding in the background has been augmented with colour and imagery ensuring our clients get the perfect look for their films irrespective of the conditions.

Admittedly we can’t make the rain go away (although we do wish we could) but we’ve pretty much all post-production tricks covered – offering re-assurance to all our clients.

Contact us today for more details and let the sun shine on your project.