We love videos that utilise the best styles and techniques to capture footage that makes you sit up and take notice – so with that in mind, have a look at the latest videos from across the globe that have made us take notice!

Hyperzooming in Hallstatt, Austria.  You may of been there before, but not like this.

A quirky short film following Ava.  She’s desperate to find the guy of her dreams and this short film uses plenty of really interesting styles to take the viewer on a pretty cool journey.

You’ve been to the Little Chef, right?  Well Petit Chef (yes, he is very small) takes it to a whole new level, serving up a really quirky meal for his lucky guests.  Who needs the Fat Duck, right?

Some of us have been unlucky enough to have to watch other people’s holiday footage for hours – reliving every movement in a normally slightly drab Brit resort whilst feigning interest.  But this quirky and pretty cool honeymoon film shot across Italy is actually worth sharing with friends and family.

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