The talk this week has been around the latest Marmite commercial.

Now we all know Marmite’s clever strapline of ‘love it or hate it’ – but it seems many viewers have taken this literally and complaints relating to this advertisement have been rife.

The film shows marmite jars across the country that have been ‘neglected’ at the back of cupboards by a selection of unsuspecting residents – hence a call from the local Marmite rescue team to come and investigate the ‘neglected’ Marmite and rescue the jars in question, taking them away in what look like animal cages – no doubt referencing animal rescue organisations.

Video Production by Energise Media, St Albans

Whether you feel the advert is in bad taste or not – it is certainly a good PR exercise in getting people talking, having received 400 complaints (to date) and also getting coverage on the BBC website – amongst others.

Video Production by Energise Media

The latest PR move by Marmite was to donate £18,000 to the charity, The RSPCA, as a gesture of good will.  This donation will pay for a day’s worth of inspectorate visits.

Anyway – love it or hate it – but check it out here:

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