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Get Your Voice Heard.

A voice over offers an extremely professional and powerful way to communicate with audiences and adds significant value to your productions.

Done well – it captivates, engages and tells a story.

Done badly – it will most likely irritate and turn viewers away from your project.

However, when considering the use of a professional voice over for your video productions, there are many factors that come into play. 


Costs for voice over artists vary hugely, but then so does the respective quality you will find in the market place.  Part of the cost comes down to the artist’s experience and expertise, but other factors include agency commissions and project turnaround and time scales.

Shop around and you will be rewarded with some genuine bargains offering superb quality at great prices – but get it wrong and you may well end up with a voice that doesn’t work for your project, meaning starting over again.


The Gender Conundrum 

Should you plump for a male or female voice?

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It must be said that there is no definitive answer and if anyone tells you its one or the other, all of the time, sadly we would argue to the contrary and point to the fact that you’d need

to understand the tone and purpose of the advertising or sales material, whilst using trusted research to make the right choice.

Research has been conducted arguing both corners, whilst also pointing to both sexes having respective benefits, within their own rights.

However results of various studies conclude, albeit not convincingly, that a female voice is perceived to be more soothing, whilst a male voice comes across as more authoritative in its delivery.

When it comes to actually selling a specific product, two-thirds of respondents commented that it doesn’t make a difference and neither voice is more likely to sell them a car (66%) or a computer (69%). However, among those who believe it does make a difference, over one-quarter (28%) believe a male voice is more likely to sell them a car and 23% say a male voice is more likely to sell them a computer. Only 7% say a female voice is more likely to sell them either.

This seems to primarily be down to the fact that a male voice is seen as more authoritative

Now its time to assign a route for your voice…

Agency or Direct Recruitment?

Studio Recording or Recorded Remotely?

Using an online agency to record your voice over holds various advantages.  You simply send your script file across and let the respective artist record their voice against your words.

In many cases, you are able to simply pre-select the voice from a database of voices (notwithstanding the fact that you will need to give the artist guidance on styles and tones) – some companies even let you call in when the recording is happening so you can direct it – then after this, you’ll simply receive the audio file, which you can alter, reject or approve.

With some services, you can request an audition, whereby various voice artists will pitch for your work and you can select the top voice from a range of interested entries, putting you firmly in charge.

An alternative route is to physically hire a recording studio and then simply take your voice over artists directly into this studio to record the script.  Studio prices vary, so shop around for the best rates and insist on samples.  Some studios will expect to supply their own voice over artists, so be sure to investigate this avenue.  The advantage of this is that it allows you to manage the entire process and have visibility across all stages.


Choice Versus Cost

Using a voice over artist who is represented by an agency means you’ll get more choice, however this will inevitably incur more cost and you’ll need to factor this into your budget.  On the flip side, quality is more assured and turnaround can be quicker and delivery far more reliable.



Many agencies are able to translate your script into multiple languages for you and deliver it back in your desired format.  This is particularly helpful if you are targeting overseas markets and saves using subtitles.


In closing, there are various factors to consider when selecting a voice over artist and respective recording route, but if you follow logical steps, you should achieve great results.

If you have any direct queries regarding UK voice over artists or want a voice over for your project, contact Energise Media today.