From the Sublime to the Ridiculous.

The Best and Worst of YouTube Films

Exposure. Publicity. Attention.

All businesses strive for the above via their advertising and PR spend.

Few achieve it on a global scale without astronomical expense. Next to none achieve it with virtually zero cost output.

In the early days of YouTube, the most viewed films were often ‘accidental’ virals never intended for global consumption.

However, there has been a shift over the last few years, resulting in nine out of the top ten list for 2012 views being professionally made – with a single minded aim of achieving viral following.

We take a look at some films that have made the cut for a variety of reasons.


KONY 2012

Unbelievably this film achieved 30 million viewers in a single day via a very clever social media driven campaign! No wander then that it holds the record for most views in a 24 hour period.

Its rise to global fame led to the creator, Jason Russell having a breakdown, such was the intense pressure and scrutiny. The video footage of Jason walking the streets naked screaming captured by amateurs also creating a viral following of its own.


So many to choose from. Where do we start? Well, perhaps with bookmaker Paddy Power’s latest film depicting a North Korean takeover of Sunderland football club.

To put it politely, its not in the best taste. But, hey, it will certainly create publicity and appeal to Paddy Power’s target audience, so perhaps they should be applauded for their bravery? You decide.

Paddy Power – Kim Jong Un & Sunderland FC

But lets not forget Lynx’s effort. Make sure your balls are kept clean!

Lynx – Clean Your Balls


Yes, its still there. We know Charlie bit your finger, but please don’t make us watch it, please!

With a massive 522 million views, outperforming Adele’s rolling in the deep by a not to be sniffed at 125 million views.


We all know what people enjoy watching don’t we? A combination of the following in no particular order;

Cute, adorable children or animals, dancing, upbeat music, humour.

Cue the Evian babies and the moonwalking pony to name but a few!


Bless you!

We simply had to end with the sneezing panda. The timing is genius and who could ever tire of it?

So there we have it. If you want a viral film, be patient, very patient. And perhaps very lucky too.

If you don’t have patience or a propensity to good luck – then employ a professional advertising agency and video production company and hope for viral status!